Features of the designs

  Responsive Designs

All designs available on cmsdesignsimple.com are compatible with most smartphones and tablets. The « MediaQueries » technique is used to allow this compatibility. This technique makes it possible to create websites called « responsive ». The « responsive » websites react according to the resolution of the device used to visit the site. The display of the site is automatically adjusted to allow for perfect playback, regardless of the display resolution of the device used.

  Design Customization Modules

Each design is offered with a module allowing to customize a large number of parameters. Adding the module is very simple: just install the module. It is immediately functional. The module is simple to use: it works intuitively. It allows you to customize fonts, colors, texts, buttons, images and the contact form of the design.

  Detailed Installation Instructions

An installation and use manual is provided with each design. It is not possible to stay blocked with a design downloaded from cmsdesignsimple.com. The explanations are clear and detailed. So your design will be functional in a very short time: you can quickly focus on the content of your site.

  Compatible with all devices

Today, it is essential to have a website visible on all devices (pc, tablets, smartphones). This visibility makes it possible to reach a wider range of potential visitors. Mobility now represents a large share of browsers. Indeed, more and more users are using only mobile equipment to access the internet: a tablet or a smartphone.

  Compatible with all web browsers

All designs available on cmsdesignsimple.com are compatible with all the major current web browsers. Your website will be presented in the same way and will offer an identical user experience, regardless of the platform and the web browser used.

  3 functional navigation menu levels

With CMS Made Simple™, navigation menus are created automatically, depending on your content pages. The structure of the navigation menu will be defined according to the hierarchical structure of your pages. Each design allows you to manage a tiering on 3 levels: a first level page (parent) may have one or more second level pages (child). These second level pages may in turn have one or more third level pages.

  Multiple templates included

All designs available on cmsdesignsimple.com are provided with several templates that allow you to create 6 types of pages: home page, content page, news page, contact form page, 404 error page and 403 error page. The home page is usually used for the first page of a website. The content page allows you to create classic pages. The news page allows you to create a specific page for the display of news. The contact form page allows you to create a page with a form to contact you. The 404 error page and the 403 error page allow you to create error pages with an aesthetic identical to the rest of your website.

  Easy to install and easy to use

The installation of the designs on cmsdesignsimple.com is extremely simple: just import the XML file of the design (or module) into CMS Made Simple™. The use of designs is very easy: they are immediately recognized in the templates available. As for the modules, they are directly functional after installation, without further manipulations on your part, or installation of add-ons. Learn in video how to install a design on a CMS Made Simple™ system.