What is CMS Made Simple™?

  CMS Made Simple™ is the fastest and most efficient way to create amazing and sophisticated websites.  

  Easy to install

CMS Made Simple™ is easy to install. You only need to own a web hosting with a SQL database to install CMS Made Simple™. The installation is simplified to the maximum for a quick installation.

  User Friendly

Your content can be added easily, in just a few clicks. The text editor has tools similar to the current word processings used by more people. The page order can be changed with a simple drag and drop for ease.

  Fully adjustable

The basic installation allows you to quickly set up your website. If necessary, many settings allow you to set your site to obtain a modern and elegant site.

  Easy to import designs

Importing premium designs (themes) is very simple and intuitive, which makes it possible to obtain a site with a professional rendering at low cost.

  Powerful Addons

Many add-ons exist to add additional functions to your website. These add-ons allow you to create almost any website.

  Open Source

CMS Made Simple™ is an open source content management system, the code is open allowing everyone to visualize how it works, if needed.

  Download CMS Made Simple™!

Join the growing number of users who have discovered the simplicity and power of CMS Made Simple™ to create their website! Download and install CMS Made Simple™!